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About Us

J. Lee Roy’s, Inc. provides the best in high-quality products at affordable prices to customers throughout North America.

Our sauces are renowned for their taste and have been heralded as truly unique in today’s demanding marketplace.

Our special blend of sweet and hot flavors tantalize taste buds and make our product a distinctive selection.

Four different flavors highlight a truly rich family offering.


California’s Cookin’ Cowboy: The J. Lee Roy's Story

J. Lee Roy, himself, givin' a wink and carvin' up some barbeque"Folks think unless you’re from Texas, you can’t barbeque," California’s Cookin’ Cowboy said. After they taste my ribs with Dippin’ Sauce, they're gonna ask, 'Where the hell is Texas?'"

Over 25 years ago, J. Lee Roy created the Dippin’ Sauce for his large family and friends. As a result, he was encouraged to share his original recipe with the public. The reputation of his sweet and hot creation succeeded him. Soon, strangers were knocking on the door of his home asking if they could buy a pint, quart or gallon for their barbeque parties.

Today, J. Lee Roy’s manufacturing plant is still in Oroville, California. We owe our overwhelming success through our customers’ word of mouth. Our objective is to provide our product conveniently throughout the United States. Find J. Lee Roy’s in grocery stores near you.

J. Lee Roy and his wife “Diamond Lil” are currently retired and reside in Oroville, California.

The Sauce, Seasoning, & Awards

J. Lee Roy, himself, givin' a wink and carvin' up some barbequeThe J. Lee Roy's team famously went to Rib Cook-offs. They were known as "The Cookin' Team” or "gang of desparados." J. Lee Roy’s competed with seven other competitors from all over the U.S. at the “Best in the West” rib cook off in 1991. Three of these competitors had been recent World Champion Rib Cookoff winners. J. Lee Roy’s beat these world champions and took the honor of being "Best in the West."

  • 1991: 1st prize” winner for  “Best in the West” 
  • 1991: 3rd Place” for “Best on the Mountain”
  • 1991: People’s Choice Award”  
  • 1992: People’s Choice Award” 
  • 1993: People’s Choice Award”  
  • 1993: 2nd Place” for “Best Ribs”
  • 1993: 3rd Place” for “Best on the Mountain”
  • 1994: 2nd Place” for “Best Ribs”
  • 1994: Best Sauce Award”
  • 1994: People’s Choice Award”

J. Lee Roy’s sauce beats the competition