Original Dippin' Sauce - 23oz Single Bottle


J. Lee Roy's Original Home Recipe is the most popular and for good reason. The sweet and hot flavor is very unique and delicious. The sauce has been renown for over 25 years. The original "Best in the West" winner. Check out our recipes for our "Best of the West" ribs and some great cooking ideas!

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Like mesquite? Less hot, more sweet.


Our original recipe added with the famous Tulelake Horseradish. You won't go back to that other cocktail sauce.


Enjoy a little bit more kick? Try our original recipe with added spice.


Customer Reviews

Average Rating

I used the Hickory Smoked Dippin' Sauce in my Pulled Pork Slow Cook recipe. Fantastic. I got rave reviews.

The first time I tried J Lee Roy's dipping sauce I LOVED it and still do! All flavors are wonderful but my all time favorite is the Hot. If you are trying it for the first time I know that you wont be dissapointed! I am amazed at how affordable it is!

also years ago i tryed j lee roys dippen sauce in wheatland ca whare i grew up igo home every couple of years it is great on every thing the first time i had it was on rattel snake and now on every thing i finly got an web site so now i will be ordering it all the time