Hot Dippin' Sauce - 23oz Single Bottle


J. Lee Roy’s Hot Dippin' Sauce contains just enough Habanero peppers for those who are more serious about their heat. It goes GREAT in a bowl of beans. Use this sauce to add to any of your meals including beef, poultry, and seafood. Don't be afraid to try, it won't bite you too hard!

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Our original recipe added with the famous Tulelake Horseradish. You won't go back to that other cocktail sauce.


Features a 23 oz bottle of Original Home Recipe and a 23 oz bottle of Hot, along with an 8.4 oz jar of cookin' seasoning.


Customer Reviews

Average Rating

I've been buying the dippin' sauce for years at Raleys and my family's wild about it. Like the last person said, "it's the best!"

This is absolutely without a doubt the best sauce for just about anything you can think of!!!! My family can't live without it! It’s great on eggs, meat, and Potatoes. Kielbasa is perfect for it! You name it, it'll make it better make sure to buy some today and don't forget to BBQ with it will knock your socks off!