Hickory Smoked Dippin' Sauce - 23oz Single Bottle


J. Lee Roy's Hickory Smoked Sauce is just as good as the original. It's great on beef, poultry, and seafood. Remember not to limit your sauce to just meats! Hickory Smoked sauce goes great with French Fries, Eggs, and Tofu.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

Bye Bye Ketchup.... HELLO DIPPIN' SAUCE! I eat the "hot" dippin' sauce on everything... it's the best!

I'm from Nebraska and think your dippin' sauce is great. Would love to see you selling this product in Nebraska, I know J.Lee Roy's would be a big success.

I love this dippin' sauce on barbecued chicken, as well as with tri-tip. Adds the perfect amount of flavor!